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BLNDN Beauty Brand

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/29/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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BLNDN went from simply a concept to a product on the market launching on QVC in a matter of a year. Bulldog Drummond developed the branding and packaging for the beauty line which includes shampoos, creams, masks, and more. The brand is particularly focused on the consumer—products say “Repair You” and “Nourish You,” making them feel cared for and as if they had a personal relationship with BLNDN. Crisp white and rich garnet appear on the packaging, giving it a clean, slightly feminine look. A sans serif font looks contemporary and simple, appealing to people who want one beauty brand they can turn to for all of their needs.

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“After a decade working in the beauty industry, fair-haired entrepreneurs Erika McKeller and Elisa Hills set out on a mission to gain a deeper understanding about their damaged, blonde hair. With a team of world-class beauty chemists, they developed the BLNDN Complex, which is designed to reverse the harmful effects of oxidation. But while they had an idea for their business, they needed help to build a brand and a company. They partnered with Bulldog Drummond to help develop a strategy to build and fund their business.”

“We took an active interest in the concept and incubated BLNDN by taking them under our wing. Bulldog worked with their team to develop their brand, packaging design and look book. We also worked closely with them to develop their business plan and obtain their first round of funding. Together we helped BLNDN take their idea from concept to launching on QVC and in market in just 12 months.”

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Designed by Bulldog Drummond

Country: United States

City: San Diego