I CANN Eau de Créativité

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/04/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Feeling drained of creativity? Then McCann Montevideo has the fragrance for you. Sure, that sounds pretty strange, but the agency has released I CANN Eu de Créativité, a unisex fragrance intended to boost creativity with its citric fruit notes.

Leándro Gómez, McCann Montevideo's CEO and general creative director explains, "In our research, we determined that creativity is completely emotional and with no logical process. We also learned that scents are a powerful medium to convey emotions—in fact, 75 percent of our emotions are connected to scents that immediately take us back to very specific moments of our lives."

I CANN is not a miracle fragrance but instead comes with clear application instructions to help people come back time and time again to their peak creativity. Once you’ve figured something out creatively, you then open the perfume and apply it, in hopes that the perfume’s scent will be associated with the process your brain is going through. The goal is that when you’re feeling stuck or unable to produce creative work, a little spritz will hopefully get you back on your productive track.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The fragrance appears to be just like any other fine cologne or perfume, although the name is a bit of a nod to its creativity-boosting powers. I CANN has a clean and minimal appearance in hopes to not interfere drastically with the creative process. Promotional materials aim to inspire buyers by showing other creatives who have used it. 

Gómez continues, "What brands say is important, but more important is what they do. For this reason we wanted to create something special that would reflect McCann's mission: To make brands play a meaningful role in people's lives."

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Designed by McCann Montevideo 

Country: Uruguay

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