The Wild Goose Chase

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/29/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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A homage to a lost flock of goslings that once patrolled the grounds where these wines were conceived. The Wild Goose Chase is made by Australian winemaker Nina Stocker and her husband John Day at their Tallarook Ranges vineyard in Central Victoria. 

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This is Nina and John’s first venture in to the UK wine market. It was important the wine labels reflected Nina’a personality and winemaking style. Nina’s story of her entire flock killed by a fox, was a sad one. But out of this came a simple concept - a homage to the would-be fully fledged birds. We created illustrations of the flock to create a feeling a chaos - overflowing other elements and balanced out with typography. The Wild Goose Chase Melee and Shiraz Viognier are funded by Naked Wines UK customers and designed in-house.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Naked Wines

Country: United Kingdom

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