StrangeLove Mixers

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/23/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Strangelove is Australia’s first organic craft mixer company. They felt the mixer category for bars had become commoditized and boring while the alcohol brands were becoming sexier. Instead of product innovation, Strangelove looked back to the times where tonics and elixirs reigned supreme and were crafted by apothecaries. 

Editorial photograph

Their brand is built around mankind’s inner-conflicts - self-preservation versus the self-destructive yearnings of a liver-destroying Friday night.  Marx's challenge was to reflect the premium, organic and exotically flavoured nature of the mixers and the darker aspects of the brand. With no advertising campaign, the packaging would have to work hard. They decided to lure consumers with an image and once intrigued, tell the story to bring the brand’s essence to life.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

The colour palette was inspired by 1950’s cocktail hours – classy but slightly sleazy. An expert illustrator hand-rendered the illustrations – the Dirty Tonic lipstick looks like an indication of class; with smudged lipstick hinting at a seedier underbelly. The post-modern type adds a premium touch. In the spirit of the apothecaries we also designed Italian bottleneck stippling; therefore Marx was able to make Strangelove’s newest range of tonics, as strange and intriguing as the brand that created it.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Photography: Duncan Innes

Retouching By: Mike Amundsen

Designed by Marx

Country: New Zealand

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