I Am Super Grains

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/22/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Healthy food on the go isn’t always easy, but I Am Super Grains is here to help. The high-protein soup brand has developed a new range of ready-to-eat grain mixes that come in convenient to-go pouches.

These new microwaveable foods include barley, sweet potato and chorizo; quinoa, mixed peppers and lentils; bulgur wheat, chickpea and chive; and spelt, borlotti bean and mint. Bags feature a tab that tears open easily, and the bag makes it a no-brainer option for food during busy weekdays or when you’ve got a packed schedule. Colors are bright and fun, with icons of fresh ingredients in the background, reminding consumers that while it’s an easy prep option, it’s still good for you.

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I am Super co-founder Barney Mauleverer said, “We’ve managed to create a funky mix of flavours for Grains that are bang on trend and will attract the young and adventurous types who are less likely to cook these meals from scratch. High in protein and high in fibre, these tasty pouches are packed with natural goodness that helps you stay fuller for longer. They’re great added to a meal or eaten on the go – in the office, at a festival or on a hike. The health trends for more protein and fibre in the diet are fuelling demand for more convenient ways to eat healthily and this has now hit the long-life shelves. It’s become a very dynamic area and we join a handful of other brands that are driving a surge in activity in what was, until very recently, a rather dry and dusty category.”

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Country: United Kingdom

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