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Concepts We Wish Were Real

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/12/2016 | 10 Minute Read

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It's Friday which means we have a fresh round-up of concepts we wish were real! From Whiskey & Ink to Recumber, we have collected a few of our favorite concept and student package designs! Have a great weekend!

Whisky & Ink , a match made in heaven


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Multi-Color UK has created a spoof brand to showcase the capabilities of their flat-bed foiling and embossing unit at the Daventry Plant in the UK. In the shape of a whisky, the label design by Chris Edmunds of United Creatives features opposing arch shaped cut outs and has intricate multi-height embossing with three foils to give a luxurious and sculptured finish. With a limited edition of just 300 special blend whisky filled bottles, each is hand numbered and finished with a unique resin seal exclusively available on roll from Multi-Color and is produced in Italy. The tube is also printed a5nd embossed by Multi-Color, Glasgow. Feedback from customers receiving this very special marketing piece has been very positive: “Exactly what we want to see from a leading label producer. Perfect timing as looking for something like this going forward for one of our wine brands” Concha y Toro . The whisky is blended by Compass Box, Elif Yontucu says: We trust Multi-Color’s ability to overcome the most difficult of designs. Their focus on quality is admirable. They offer new solutions where necessary and do their upmost to get the best result out of any label design. We can’t ask for more!”

Designed by Multi Color Corporation England

Country: United Kingdom

Bendito Choco


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Packaging that perfectly represents the art of chocolate. Designed by Raiane Girotto, handmade artisanal chocolate is insulated with thin aluminum foil and then wrapped with colorful abstract art. By applying a marbling technique with ink on paper, a beautiful topographic landscape is formed representing the organic nature of chocolate. 

"Based in Dorset, The Dorset Chocolate Company are dedicated to making delicious handmade chocolate. To reach to a wider audience, I was asked to reinvent their brand identity. Whilst Dorset is commonly known for its historical context, I wanted to avoid the heritage cliché. Looking into the famous landscapes, my inspiration was drawn to the underlying rock formation that created these magnificent sceneries. Watercolour was used to add artistic value to the brand and attract the right target audience."

Designed by Raiane Girotto

Country: Brazil


Heiden Regional Mushrooms


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Heiden Cogumelos Regionais (Heiden Regional Mushrooms) is a Brazilian company which produces and distributes dried mushrooms in southern Brazil.

As most of the dried mushrooms sold in that region are imported from Chile and China, the focus was to stimulate the interest for a local product with environmental and health benefits, such as smaller carbon footprint, fair trade, gluten-free, high protein and vitamin contents.

Conceptualized by Beatriz Janoni, the packaging establishes the aforementioned positions. Through lively typography and a color palette inspired by mushroom shades, the brand takes healthy eating to more exciting grounds. 

Designed by Beatriz Janoni

Country: Brazil

Recumber - BioCare Face & Eye Cream


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Recumber is a Biocare firm that produces face moisturizer and eye cream products with the plant cucumber, specifically for health and all skin types problems. As known, cucumber plant is a very popular ingredient in skin care because of its many healing benefits. This product is made to be used traditionally to help soothe puffy eyes and moisturize skin, and not forgetting it high vitamin content, it's also considered to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. This product is the more better and right way to refine and renew aging without applying needles in your body. The design idea for the logo was to bring in 2 vectors together that represent and relate to what the product can do for your health and also how it should be use. The light green icon with white holes represent a bad leaf and also bad body cells, while that dark green represent a healthy leaf and healthy under eyes. 

Designed by Broklin Onjei

Country: Canada

Royal Crown Cola


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An old cola-flavored classic developed in 1905  is redesigned to cater to the modern consumer. Conceptualized by Andrea Ribera Lleonart, a minimalist design aesthetic was applied while still remaining true to what the brand is known for: it's red and yellow color scheme. 

"Mass Market Packaging project: Concept and graphic design for the launching of the emblematic Royal Crown Cola in the Spanish market. Inspired by the 50s old vintage signage, with embossed typefaces, we differ from the most renowned brands and we present an exclusive and distinctive touch to RC Cola, created by a young pharmacist in the United States over 100 years ago."

Designed by Andrea Ribera Lleonart

Country: Spain

The Illusionist 


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What at first seems like one jar of jam actually turns out to be two with The Illusionist. Anthony Guex developed the concept which takes the fun idea of an illusionist’s game and allows the consumer to saw open the packaging. 

The two jars are secretly stacked on top of each other and wrapped in a thin sleeve. On the outside, a thin “saw” is attached, letting the buyer try a hand at a magic trick. It’s an adorable moment that allows the consumer to feel more involved in the product and makes the unboxing experience memorable. Once the box has been sawed open, the saw itself splits in half and can be hung around the neck of the bottle, acting as a reminder of the original packaging. 

Designed by Anthony Guex

Country: Canada

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