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Subway Logo Redesign

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/11/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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For the first time in 15 years, America's popular sandwich chain gets a logo redesign. A simplified design, catering to the modern consumer, removes its bold border but keeps the brand's iconic arrows on the "S" and "Y". 

With the white color out of the picture, Subway focuses on its signature green and yellow color scheme, optimized to live and work across all channels.

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“The Subway brand is recognized throughout the world, and this new look reinforces our commitment to staying fresh and forward-thinking with a design that is clear and confident without losing sight of our heritage,” explained Suzanne Greco, Subway’s president and CEO. 

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"The new logo stands up tall, bold and confident, capturing the essence of the brand in a fresh, contemporary look. And the symbol, a new asset for the brand, distills the iconic arrows into a powerful and simple mark. Capturing the essence of the brand in a smaller footprint, the arrows symbolize the choices SUBWAY® provides its guests." - Press release

The new redesign had its debut on the Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony and received mixed reactions; some even going as far as to say it's visuals are based on Waste Management's brand identity. What are your thoughts on the new logo?

The new logo and symbol are set to hit storefronts across all Subway outlets starting 2017. 

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