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Packaging the Olympic Medal

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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For many twitter users, the Olympic Medal packaging was mistaken for a makeup compact, but for Olympians, it's seen as a symbol for all their hard work and dedication. 

From around the world, the best of the best flock to Rio for a chance to win one of the highest achievements imaginable– a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Medal. And this year, not only are the medals worth talking about but the packaging is quite remarkable too.

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With sustainability more important than ever, Rio has chosen this topic to be the focus of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The opening ceremony paved a way to this issue, with every athlete planting a seed in the Tijuca Forest, the world's largest urban forest. 

Environmental sustainability also translated into the production of the gold medals. With strict sustainability criteria implemented from the mining stage all the way to the design of the final product, gold was extracted from the earth without the use of mercury.  

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The Silver and bronze medals were made with 30 percent repurposed materials while the lime-green and orange ribbons were made with 50 percent recycled plastic bottles.

As the most sustainable prizes ever awarded at the Olympics, these medals are then packaged into beautifully carved Brazilian wood cases with a sliding hinge. 

All products associated with the medals, including certificates and packaging, come with an official seal from the Forest Stewardship Council, a nonprofit that focuses on responsible management of the world’s forests.

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