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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/16/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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If you’re looking for an iPhone case, you’ve got quite a lot of options. But so many of them are bulky, branded, or simply take away from the simple and beautiful aesthetic that the iPhone has. Cases from totallee aim to keep things slim and minimal, and the company developed the shipping boxes and retail packaging that needed to stand out online only.

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“Totallee sells directly to customers via their online store. So instead of typical display or retail packaging they need to design something that is sturdy, functional and straightforward enough to work as a shipping box while at the same time presenting their product in a clean, sophisticated way. Their solution to creating a hybrid between a protective shipping box and an elegant retail package was a subtly branded cardboard box just wide enough to fit a standard shipping label. Playing off their black and white brand colors inside the box is a white sleeve holding a black, hand-signed warranty card and a black bag containing their thin iPhone case.”

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The whole point of totallee is to retain the look and the values of the iPhone, so the packaging follows suit by keeping things simple. Each phone comes in a black pouch, and white text and a border look sleek and minimal. Additionally, the retail packaging needed to have an impact on the computer screen, and these elements stand out and are striking in a sea of noisy options. Every phone gets delivered in a small cardboard box just larger than the phone case, minimizing the materials needed and making it easy to transport large quantities.

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Designed by totallee

Country: United States

City: Pasadena

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