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Nice Blocks—Summer on a Stick

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Nothing compares to a cold, fruity popsicle on a sweltering summer afternoon. Nice Blocks is even better, though, since they’re natural and organic, making them the ultimate sweet treat to beat the heat. Fuman developed the packaging for these healthy and delicious popsicles to emphasize their tasty and intense flavor options.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“Nice Blocks are a dairy-free, fairtrade ice block, made with natural, organic ingredients. The direction for the new packaging was defined as ‘summer on a stick’—fun, exciting, and an explosion of flavour—evoking long hot days at the beach.”

“Nice Blocks are a fun treat first, natural and organic second. To meet the brief, the new packaging had to be bright, colourful and eye-catching, with a second level communication of its credentials. The brand was already established as a healthy, ethical alternative, therefore we could afford to prioritise visual impact over natural messaging.”

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“For inspiration, we chose to utilise a modern throwback—the 1980s—an era full of pop, eccentric prints and patterns in a bright, vivid colour palette that would appeal to both young and old. Channelling the ‘sprinkle explosion’ of 1980s design; each flavour received its own pairing of loud colour and energetic pattern design, with the pattern characterising an aspect of the product. The designs are reminiscent of those used on board shorts, t-shirts and surfboards of the 80s era, they shout summer, fun and flavour.”

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Every popsicle has its own unique design so they create a mish mash of patterns, and the colors indicate the flavor. The wrappers clearly state that they’re made with natural and organic ingredients, appealing to those who are health-conscious. The mix of fonts is fun, adding a bit of a carefree vibe to the popsicles.

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Designed by Fuman

Client: Tommy & James

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland