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Brum Box

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/04/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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With a bit of imagination, kids can turn just about anything into a toy. So instead of putting Brum Brum balance bicycles into a bunch of packaging that would just get thrown away, Tu jau zini developed the Brum Box. This packaging keeps the bike safe, makes it easy to store at home, and creates even more fun for the kids.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“We call it the Brum Box, because after unpacking you don't throw away the package, but transform it into Brum Brum's new home, where the balance bike can rest till its next ride. The main challenge was to create a packaging, which is not meant to be thrown away, but can be re-used within activities that are directly linked to the packaged product and its new owner.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Knowing that our target audience are children aged 2-6 years, they like to draw, build, create, glue and smear… So we came to a conclusion that the packaging box has to be fun and practical to use, it must be easy to transform into a play house, a furniture type object which is a child's first real headquarters. The idea was born. By using a simple box in box system Brum Brum wooden balance bikes packaging transforms into a garage with shelves for toys and cool drawings which can be colored by the little riders according to their own vision of the world.”

The Brum Box opens up into a couple of separate boxes that nest together to to create a mini bike rack. Kids will get a kick out of the drawings on the side that they can color in, and parents will love that it keeps the playroom tidy. The corrugated board material looks similar to the wood of the Brum Brum, making it a great pairing.

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“Our first handmade prototypes brilliantly served as exhibition stands for Brum Brum balance bikes first participation in international exhibitions. Experience and feedback from our potential customers was really helping to realize the necessary improvements and changes that had to be made to create the Brum Box. So we came up with another prototype. It included all the features mentioned above. The next thing to do was to go to the Stora Enso Packaging, who have an extensive experience in complex packaging production. In collaboration with them we went through the industrial prototyping process and set up the tiny instrument suitcase for storing the necessary tools , assembly instructions and stickers.”

“As for the materials, we are keeping it simple. Brum Box is produced by using Corrugated Board (BE) which is a material easy for recycling. The drawings are printed by using the Flexographic printing technology.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by Tu jau zini

Client: Brum Brum

Country: Latvia

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