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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/11/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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However you like your coffee, OZO Coffee Company has you covered. This specialty roaster in Boulder, Colorado has over fifteen varieties of whole bean coffee on their shelves at any given time—not to mention their Special Reserve and Limited Release options. Good Apples worked with OZO to create packaging for their wide variety of choices, creating a clear and distinct labeling method to help consumers pick out what is best for them.

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“Since the coffees cover a wide spectrum of flavor profiles and growing and processing details, we wanted to produce a packaging system that helped customers navigate the options while learning about the unique qualities of each coffee. The original branding for OZO was based loosely on the hieroglyphic writing of the Maya. Picking up on this theme, Good Apples developed a visual language of glyphs that each represent a particular quality of OZO’s coffees (regions, flavor profiles, processing methods, etc). By combining the glyphs in a uniform way on the labels, each new coffee will always have a unique pattern or artwork that represents its specific traits and characteristics.”

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“The most important facts, like place of origin, elevation, and tasting notes are still listed in plain english below the artwork, but we have found that many OZO’s customers have adapted to looking for specific glyphs as they make their decision about which coffee to purchase. Color is used to draw attention to the shelf, but also to help customers navigate via a few high-level categories that we created to break down the barriers of complexity:• Blue = Approachable (e.g. Organic OZO Blend)• Green = Distinct & well Defined (e.g. Nicaragua un Regalo de Dios)• Red = Lively & Exotic (e.g. Ethiopia Kochere Dry Process)We have also done some metallic gold labels for our Limited Release coffees.”

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“The design translates into in-store signage (air pots and espresso hoppers) as well as wholesale accounts and non-OZO retail accounts, so that customers who are familiar with the labeling language can use the same reference points in the wild, and customers who aren’t as familiar with the OZO brand can be introduced to it in an informative and useful way.”

“Elements of the design, like individual glyphs or groupings of glyphs can also be broken out and used in retail products and marketing materials, most importantly our double-walled, compostable to-go cups, which have become like mobile billboards for the cafes in Boulder.”

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Designed by Good Apples

Country: United States

City: Boulder, CO

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