T&E No.1

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/11/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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English producer of soft drinks Britvic launched WiseHead Productions in June, an incubator company set up to create drinks for adults who seek quality drinking experiences. The first creation by the incubator is Thomas & Evans No. 1, a ‘zero proof’ drink - and by that we refer to the emerging category of premium non-alcoholic drinks. “Gently sparkling and aromatic, T&E No. 1 reveals flavours of botanicals, citrus peel and green fruits layer by layer. Its intricate blend of over 20 carefully selected ingredients, including steam-distilled botanicals and silver birch charcoal filtered green fruit juices, unlocks a natural bouquet of aromas including apple, elderflower, citrus peel and oak tincture.” says the team at WiseHead. 

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Design agency Boxer created the packaging for this innovative drink, a bottle that echoes the spirit of the drink itself. Light, fresh and with a botanical look & feel - the bottle delights even the most discerning alcohol lovers. The creativity injected in the packaging mirrors the pioneering spirit of the brand and the design & brand identity definitely contribute to the exceptional non-alcoholic drinking experience Britvic wants to deliver. We especially love the frosty finish on the bottle, a touch that works extremely well in integration with the colors and fonts chosen for the graphics. A real crowd-pleaser.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designer: Jo Green

Designed by Boxer Brand Design

Client: Britvic, Wisehead Productions

Country: United Kingdom

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