Iron-Tek Redesign

by Elizabeth Freeman on 08/01/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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It’s a bottoms-up revamp for Iron-Tek, including a new brand logo, tone of voice and personality, ID design, packaging, and website. Designed by Beardwood & Co., this Protein powder line is not only visually stunning but will do your body good after a workout. 

Beardwood took a completely outdated, stale design and transformed the brand into something that people would be proud to display on their kitchen counter. The modernized look features a new logo that's simple yet striking from afar. The red color pays tribute to the old identity in a subtle way that connects the brand's past with its successful future. 

By incorporating playful type and infographics, the new redesign is able to engage with its consumers in a way it wasn't able to before. 

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"Long gone are the muscle-head days of the 1980s, yet most nutrition stores in 2016 are still littered with garish parity brands and shelves saturated with outdated versions of masculinity. At the same time, consumers have been gravitating toward more natural foods and adopting those products into daily routines, for some time now. In taking stock of its natural protein supplement product Iron-Tek, Long Island, NY-based Country Life recognized this huge disconnect, and decided it made perfect sense for Iron-Tek to zig, while all others continued to zag."

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"Searching through historical archives, Beardwood drew inspiration for the campaign from a classic, American poster by Harold Von Schmidt that captured the essence of Iron-Tek. The lumberjack working hard toward a greater cause captured natural strength and determination, and communicated to a “new kind of masculine consumer,” a fresh take on Americana."

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Creative Director: Sarah Williams

Design Director: Loren Clapp

Designers: Derek Horn, Andrew Tillotson, Michael Tyznik

Web Designer: Michael Tyznik

Strategist/Copywriter: Trey Armstrong

Account Manager: Trey Armstrong

Designed by Beardwood & Co.

Country: United States

City: New York


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