Before & After: JimJams

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 08/01/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Milk chocolate, hazelnut, and fruit spreads don’t have to be packed with sugar. JimJams is a range of low sugar chocolate spreads and jams for the entire family, and they turned to Design Happy for new packaging that would express the health aspect and amazing flavor inside each jar.

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“The client wanted to convey their authentic family focused offering of a healthier alternative to high sugar spreads to parents more successfully. Their previous design lacked brand and messaging standout which resulted in less impact both to consumers and buyers.”

“Design Happy crafted a bold and bespoke pack and equities that married perfectly with the family focused brand story. The result was a bolder, more appealing pack with great shelf presence, to consumers and buyers alike.”

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The old labels for JimJams failed to stand out in a crowded market of options, and it also failed to emphasize it as a healthier option. On the new labels, we see images of deliciously ripe fruit and ingredients that stand out against a bright, striped background. The brand name is large and easy to spot, and colors are bold and pop immediately off the shelf.

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“Following their successful relaunch, JimJams have continued to go from strength to strength, finding both investment opportunities and multiple listings in some of the nation’s largest supermarket chains, including Tesco and Ocado. The JimJams design has also been featured on the BBC an in British Press.”

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Designed by Design Happy

Client: JimJams

Country: United Kingdom

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