Kokako – Purosa Estate Single Origin

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/28/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Organic, single origin coffee at its finest. Kokako Organic Coffee regularly visits the Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-Operative (HOAC) in the Eastern Highlands Provence of Papua New Guinea, sharing knowledge and insight with the farmers there. During their August 2015 visit, they found an exceptional coffee bean and secured six sacks for a limited edition single origin coffee. Design Dairy developed the packaging for this coffee that showcases the distinct flavor profiles of the estate.

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“For Kokako this is the true essence of coffee, allowing them to tell the story of a bastion of the Papua New Guinea coffee industry, and showcase the coffee of this estate. Kokako take great pride in connecting these coffee farmers with their customers, and we saw a unique opportunity to create a limited release coffee package that helped share and reinforce this connection.”

“The design challenge was to create a visually unique package that reflected Purosa Estate in PNG, stood out on shelf and acknowledged the relationship, while retaining existing Kokako brand elements. We were inspired by a hand woven flag that Kokako was given by the growers of HOAC, which features the bird of paradise, a national icon of PNG. This was a great way to showcase this relationship, using the ‘cousin’ bird of paradise alongside the existing native Kokako bird.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Using PNG’s bright colours and the simplistic weavings from the flag we created our version of the bird of paradise that delivered a bold and distinctive package. This allows the package to stand out on the shelf whilst feeling like a part of the Kokako family. Released as a limited edition of 900, each box is hand numbered accordingly.”

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“The info sheet is clean, monochromatic and utilitarian which works in contrast with the bird of paradise on the reverse. This info sheet is intended to be kept by the consumer and sets a precedent for future limited releases, creating a new illustrative style to show flavor and brew methods. The coffee bag was kept simple to reflect the original sacks the coffee was transported in. The stock is 100% recycled from post consumer waste and the coffee bag is compostable, both essential to the Kokako brand.”

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Designed by Design Dairy

Client: Kokako Organic Coffee

Country: New Zealand

City: Auckland

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