Toasted Coconut Clusters

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/26/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Crispy, crunchy, and refreshingly exotic and fruity—coconut is the perfect summer food. Pivot Marketing, Inc. developed the branding, packaging, and strategy for Toasted Coconut Clusters, a not-so-ordinary snack that instantly transports you to the tropics.

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“Toasted coconut mixed with chia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds is not your typical snack. So why design a typical package? Instead, we got to the essence of Toasted Coconut Clusters, looking at not only visuals, but the overall form factor of the product for inspiration. Our take: the product was uncommon, so the design approach should be too, in order to resonate with potential audiences. That meant focusing on color palettes that evoked a sense of place—cool hues and funky, laid-back typefaces with a touch of the tropics in design. And that also meant designing a package that was unlike the typical aggressive, in-your-face riot of colors and type typical to snack foods.”

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Toasted Coconut Clusters has an immediately refreshing appearance. The seabreeze blue and palm trees set the mood, but images of the fresh ingredients emphasize the wholesome, organic snack that it is. Humorous phrases, like “brittle me this,” or “kissed with sweetness” give the brand a fun and likable attitude.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Pivot Marketing, Inc.

Country: United States

City: Chicago, IL


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