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The modern consumer product market has evolved to not only require quality but craftsmanship, which is being reflected in the wave of artisanal packaging designs that are satiating the demand for authenticity in product marketing. Creating a connection between the manufacturer and the consumer is at the center of the work Cyclone Design Communications id for Maillard. Maillard wanted to launch an innovative home delivery online service for high-quality artisan portioned meats. In addition to its commitment to quality, Maillard wanted to invest socially by working with local food banks and providing its customers to join this action. 

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The work spanned brand identity and packaging design. 

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Talking about the brand identity, the team at Cyclone design Communication says: “The choice of the name "Maillard" and the slogan 'Flavour Expert' refer directly to the chemist Louis-Camille Maillard, who discovered the famous "Maillard reaction". The name of the brand conveys an innovative high-end image, a guarantee of artisanal tradition as well as a gastronomic science available to everyone. Although rooted in its past history but resolutely modern, the Maillard image had to reflect its commitment to sell quality meats as well as a simple, efficient and pleasant shopping experience. “

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“The logo consists of a stylized M, which creates a distinctive monogram for the brandl. M for Maillard, M for Maître du goût (Flavour Expert in French). The logo shape surrounding the M corresponds to the molecular chain of the famous Maillard reaction, forming a hexagon.”

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“The visual signature of Maillard was based on the high standard of product quality and artisanal approach to business. We opted for a graphic respecting logo colours (black and white), as well as textures recalling the work tables of butchers (slate and craft).”“The product packaging is similar to Maillard's values: clear, simple, guaranteed quality and professional. For the boxes, we opted for a seamless pattern resembling the line marks of cooked meat on the grill.”

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Art director and Design: Amélie Fleurant

Photographer: Samuel Joubert 

Designed by Cyclone Design Communications

Client: Maillard (Pascal Arsenault)

Country: Canada

City: Rosemère

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