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Red Rock Deli Sweet Potato Crisps

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/21/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Delicious sweet potato flavor and just the right amount of seasonings, finally together in one well-crafted chip. AKA Brand Design developed the packaging for the newest line of products from Red Rock Deli, a tasty trio of sweet potato crisps with mouthwatering and fresh flavor.

“Red Rock Deli had the opportunity to create a distinctive uber premium sub range for Red Rock Deli and enter the Sweet Potato category. Researchers found that existing players had bad tasting, disappointing flavours that rather than hero the sweet potato, smothered it with flavor, so it was our challenge to change this perception with the launch of the Red Rock Deli Sweet Potato Crisps through its packaging. We at AKA needed to shake up the competitive landscape and disrupt the category with the packaging design, by heroing the real ingredients and promoting the unique taste experience that is sweet potato.”

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“We opted for a sophisticated design that would convey the premium, deli inspired nature of the product as well as highlight the use of natural ingredients. We selected a matt pack film and placed the ingredients on a chalkboard background to convey its premium attributes. We developed a central variant panel to make a strong visual statement, reinforcing the real ingredients and drive appetite appeal. Leveraging the products use of all natural seasonings and deli inspired quality, we reinforced the brand’s journey of taste discovery and innovation with flavor combinations that have never been seen before.”

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The most important ingredient in Red Rock Deli Sweet Potato Crisps is the sweet potato, and the fresh, crisp chips strewn on the packaging immediately communicate this. The seasonings are also sprinkled on the sides, letting consumers know that the flavors won’t be overpowering. A somewhat weathered font indicates the deli style nature of the chips, made with care and lightly seasoned instead of loaded with grease like a lot of other options on the market. On the back, instead of having the ingredients in small writing they appear in large letters and even in a different color, expressing the pride that Red Rock Deli has in their natural, wholesome ingredients.

“In delivering a sophisticated, adult inspired pack design, we took the superior snacking experience to the next level, pushing the Red Rock Deli brand into the Uber Premium space to become the leading premium chip brand in the Australian market.”

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Designed by AKA Brand Design

Client: Pepsico Australia

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

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