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La Voyageur

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/19/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Le Voyageur is a sauvignon blanc and shiraz that show where the town meets the country. Boheem designed the label for this French wine aimed at those who want well-made wine at a reasonable price.

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“Boheem created a gateway imported French wine label design to provide an inspirational alternative to customers who purchase wines at a middle-ground price point. Based on the name ‘Le Voyageur,’ which is essentially French for ‘The Traveller,’ the labels feature a figure in a different location on each bottle. We liked the playful idea of adventure and exploration, as there is a sense of unpredictability of where this traveller may be. The design features a French scene, exploring the diverse experiences the country offers. When placed together, we can see the bigger picture and the way that the town meets the country.”

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Le Voyageur gives the feeling of a quaint town and a quiet countryside, with vibrant colors that make it quirky and unique. The foil features a traveler walking with one small backpack in tow, and the top has an image of a compass. By keeping the town and countryside unnamed it allows the imagination to run free, letting consumers attach their own experiences to the wine. The font on the front is thin and unobtrusive, giving it a modern, no-frills feel.

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Designed by Boheem

Country: Australia

City: Sydney