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T.H.W. Southern Wines

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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T.H.W. wine is “For Bartering, Pleasantries, and Consumption,” but we’re guessing you’ll be most interested in consuming this delicious wine from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Made with a hearty dose of Southern hospitality, Chad Michael Studio developed the packaging and label for this select, family batch line of wines.

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Tennessee Homemade Wines Company was crafted for locals but is shared by many, and it’s a wine that embodies the brand’s very nature and white-knuckle gumption. There are two varieties, a Southern Red and Southern White, keeping things sweet and simple. The front label has a scalloped design that adds a bit of daintiness, and embossed text and graphics add a subtle texture. In small letters, the wine proudly states that it’s “crafted for local folk,” injecting it with even more Southern charm. The tops of the bottles are wrapped in paper that looks like newspaper, further emphasizing the small-town feel of the winery.

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Designed by Chad Michael Studio

Country: United States

City: Dallas