by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/13/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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We generally think of fast food as greasy, carb-filled options that come from questionable sources, but now healthy fast food has been born. Garoa has designed the packaging for Sucão, a Brazilian chain restaurant that specializes in healthy and wholesome fast food options that won’t leave you feeling bloated or guilty.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Packaging design project developed for the Brazilian healthy fast-food chain Sucão. The goal was to develop creative, stunning and low-cost packaging. Since all products are freshly-made, there was a need to be handy and easy to pack. The design motto followed what it was aimed for all Sucão branding—a concept of healthy, delicious and enjoyable fast-food. For that, vibrant colors, fun typographies and some amazing patterns were applied. 15 colorful designs were created for the cold sandwiches, ciabattas, fresh juices and to-go bags, all printed out on vinyl diecut stickers, attached to plastic and kraft bags and pet bottles.”

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Sucão’s packaging makes finding a grab-and-go meal that’s good for you easy. Bright colors help to quickly differentiate the sandwiches and beverages, while a consistent background pattern showcases the variety of items they offer. Packaging is partially clear, allowing the food and drink to be seen and showing off its freshness. Everything is placed in a brown paper bag at checkout, acting as a bit of a throwback to the good ol’ days when Mom used to pack up tasty lunches for you.

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Designed by Garoa

Client: Sucão Lanches

Country: Brazil


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