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Muck Daddy

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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When it comes to the greasy, grimy messes that regular soap can’t handle, Muck Daddy is here to save the day. They turned to CBA to create a high speed brand identity and define a completely new category language for heavy-duty automotive cleaner.

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“In a category devoid of impactful design, one new brand sought to introduce a bit of vibrancy to the automotive hand-cleaner market. The challenge was how to create a proposition that was unique but could also resonate with a no-nonsense audience that values performance above all else.”

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Working with cars involves a lot of grease that’s hard to get rid of—it stains clothes and lingers on the skin. CBA takes the visual of dripping, black sludge and and a toxic green slime for this high performance hand cleanser that can cut through it all. The Muck Daddy logo is a splash of text, giving the impression that wheels are spinning through the mud to create the letters. The dark color palette, with black, gunmetal, and a glowing red and green give the soap a strong and bold appearance, indicating the cleaning power of the product.

“The answer was Muck Daddy. CBA created the new brand from scratch, from naming and tone of voice to the identity system and accompanying design language, extending across packaging, web and collateral. The result is a bright, bold brand that penetrates the automotive industry’s sea of sameness and makes good on its promise: ‘You muck up. We clean up.’”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by CBA

Country: United States

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