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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/13/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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There’s no need to hop on the next flight to London to enjoy some British biscuits and English toffee and fudge. Nik and Carole’s illustrations for Mr Stanley’s foods give the brand a fun and playful personality that will help it to get noticed in international markets.

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“Our nostalgic illustrations are just the ticket as the Mr Stanley’s brand travels to overseas markets. With some rather novel forms of transport and a few unusual passengers on-board, it’s the perfect package of English wit and gaiety for our Victorian gent.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Mr Stanley takes us on a few different whimsical adventures, from encountering a ball-balancing elephant in a telephone booth to a double decker bus ride with some rather unusual characters. The brand has a clearly playful personality that kids will revel in and will spark the imagination in the kids at heart. Tins for items like Mr Stanley’s British Biscuits give off a bit of an old-fashioned vibe, aligning with the time period that our protagonist hails from, while the text gives the impression of a barker attracting patrons. It helps to transport buyers to a time of simple yet enjoyable entertainment.

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Designed by Nik and Carole

Client: Gourmet Candy Co.

Country: United Kingdom

City: Manchester

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