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Moss Creek Moonshine

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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When you think of premixed drinks, visions of sugary, fruity cocktails and wine coolers might come to mind. Moss Creek is changing this, creating finely mixed drinks with high quality spirits and liquors. The Creative Method developed the packaging for their line, Moss Creek Moonshines, featuring premixed drinks made with sweet corn whiskey and served in convenient moonshine cans.

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Moss Creek Moonshine corn whiskey drinks come in 4-packs, encouraging buyers to enjoy with others. Each 4-pack features a slightly faded version of the label in the background, giving it a bit of a rugged vibe. The font choice feels traditional and old-timey, giving the brand a sense of age and history. At the same time, the silver cans look sleek and new, giving consumers a new way of viewing premixed drinks. Each variety has a coordinating color which appears in the brand name and by the flavor type.

Editorial photograph

Designed by The Creative Method

Country: Australia

City: Sydney