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Marcella's Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chips

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/05/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Sea salt, sesame seed, and jalapeno and cheese—this might just become your new favorite chip. Design Happy developed new packaging for Marcella’s Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chips to make it more vibrant and appealing, as well as add in a bit of Mexican influence.

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“Marcela was keen to inject a little Mexican spirit into her tortilla chips brand. The key was to ensure our designs clearly communicated the authenticity of her product so she could attract real foodies. The streets of Mexico are ablaze with striking graffiti that draws inspiration from native imagery, pop culture and futuristic designs. We took some of these influences and crafted a design centred on the indigenous Mexican peyote flower. Lively colours, mixed with geometric flowers, sunbursts and modern curlicue fonts created an enticing brand, rich with Mexican flavour.”

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The chips are proudly made in Mexico, stating this right above the brand name. A rich color palette channels some of the bright and eccentric graffiti seen in the street of Mexico as well as the flower. A sunburst design brings the attention to the center of the bag where we see an image of the chips with salsa, dip, or cheese cubes, allowing the consumer to picture a meal or snack with the chips. The chips that are baked, not fried, have a light and easy appearance, while the other flavors have colors that indicate their ingredients (green for jalapenos and blue for sea salt). Each one has a unique vibe that speaks to the flavor of the chips.

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Designed by: Design Happy

Client: Marcela Flores

Country: United Kingdom

City: London

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