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George Dickel 17-Year Tennessee Whisky

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/07/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Good things take time, and George Dickel 17-Year Tennessee Whisky is proof. This powerful limited release is the first in hopefully many special edition releases under the Dickel name brand. David Cole Creative developed the packaging for the spirit, creating something that emphasizes the scope of the brand as well as the great care with which the whiskey is distilled.

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“A special package design for this special edition, 17-year old Tennessee Whisky. The label & closure designs are intended to relate strongly to the existing everyday Dickel family lineup, while conveying the premium, not-so-everyday nature of this rare, extra-aged (and extra-expensive), limited release. The age statement features prominently so there’s no mistaking what makes it unique, followed in prominence by the important, location-specific ‘Cascade Hollow message,’ which indicates that this limited edition whisky is made on-site the only place the public will encounter it: in the tasting room at the distillery Tullahoma, Tennessee. In addition to the package design, the ‘Distillery Reserve Collection’ identity lockup is a new design and we can look forward to additional special edition releases under this promising sub-brand, available for sale only at the distillery in Cascade Hollow, Tennessee.”

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Gold foil and embossed details indicate a high-end whiskey, but rough kraft paper speaks to the hands-on, handmade nature of the spirit. It’s a traditional small batch Tennessee whiskey with humble roots, and the label takes on a bit of an old-fashioned appearance, nodding to its roots. A rough border is finished with foil, allowing the label to stand out against the amber hue of the whiskey. The mix of fonts further emphasizes the traditional, old-timey nature of making the liquor.

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Designed by David Cole Creative

Country: United States

City: Seattle