by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Dressings, pizzas, burgers, snacks, and salads—blue cheese is incredibly versatile. Oslo agency Dinamo Design developed new illustrations packaging for the beloved classic in order to make it the primary choice for cheese lovers.

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“Redesign of the classic blue cheese from TINE. Main objectives of Norzola is to become market leader in blue cheese as a flavor enhancer in everyday food and toppings and snack cheese. The concept is about how easy it is to make good, tasty food, and the little time you need to prepare your meal.”

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The outer wrapper for Norzola in many ways mimics the appearance of the blue cheese itself, spotted with color. Various illustrations appear on the packaging, including pasta noodles, ladles, whisks, burgers, mushrooms, and more. This helps to give the consumer a wide range of ideas for using Norzola. A sans serif font in various weights looks contemporary, giving the older packaging an update that will help it appeal to a newer audience that might have overlooked it before.

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Designed by: Dinamo Design

Country: Norway

City: Oslo


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