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Beef & Basics

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/13/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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In rural Lower Saxony, Germany, is an independent, high-quality meat shop called Beef & Basics. Although the region is known for many amazing farm shops, Beef & Basics sets itself apart with the best of the best. They sell fine beef and pork specialties, homemade sauces, rubs, marinades, and a selection of German craft beers. VSM Studio created the branding and packaging design for the store, embracing its traditional German roots and premium offerings.

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Beef & Basics possesses branding that emphasizes high quality, and it’s instantly clear you won’t simply find these amazing products at a chain grocery store. Bottles are labeled with an imperfect, weathered font that speaks to the handmade quality of the sauces. Twine and a brown tag add to the rustic atmosphere it creates, making it more personal and special since it’s made with such care at the farm. A traditional font further reminds consumers of the farm’s history and process for creating meats, condiments, and beer.

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“This is not your typical small-town butcher, so the branding had to represent the high-quality philosophy of the shop, yet appeal to a broader range of customers, from village neighbors to big-city visitors alike. The logo and a system of quality seals emphasize the choice nature of the products, while the packaging nods to the home-made and local produce, with elements such as stamps and string, making every product a unique item.”

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Designed by: VSM Studio

Country: Germany

City: Hamburg