Tres Vuelos

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/09/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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You unfortunately won’t see Tres Vuelos in stores—this was strictly a limited edition line of home brews given to friends and family. Designed by Oscar Mar, this stout and IPA duo are any craft beer lover’s dream.

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“Both in English and Spanish, the word ‘flight’ (‘vuelo’) can be used to describe either a sampler platter of different beers or the action or process of flying through the air. We decided to combine these themes and brand our home brew with bird related imagery. A very limited batch of Tres Vuelos (Three Flights in English) was home brewed by three friends in Monterrey, Mexico—hence the 3 in the name—only to be shared with friends and family during the holidays. Receiving positive reviews pushed us to invest even further into our beer, which allowed us to use better materials for our labeling and custom wood work for the packaging. Tres Vuelos ended up as limited thank you gifts for clients, friends and family presented in a wooden box with varnish accents.”

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Tres Vuelos is packaged in traditional beer bottles and has a coordinating color for each type. A graphic of a beer hop also has the outline of a bird inside of it, tying the brewer’s and their passion to the product itself. Detailed images of birds appear on the front, tying into the name and helping to tell each one apart. Using a different bird for the two beer varieties can also be extended to other brews in the future.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by: Oscar Mar

Country: Mexico

City: Monterrey

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