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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/09/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Who says sugar has to be bad for you? PrebioSweet encourages you to indulge without feeling the guilt. Wunderbar developed the packaging for this sweetener that is completely sugar-free and has other benefits that regular sugar doesn’t.

PrebioSweet is a sugar-free sweetener developed and produced by a Moscow company OJC Felizata Holding. PrebioSweet is 10 times sweeter than common sugar and much healthier. Also it contains prebiotics which help your digestive system to work properly.”

“PrebioSweet comes in three variations: Fibre, Fitness and Vanilla. Each of them has its unique properties: Fitness is a zero-calorie product, Fibre contains alimentary fiber, and Vanilla has vanilla flavor. All of them give a new experience of healthy life. With PrebioSweet you don't decline the joy of sugar—you just do it the right way.”

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“The main idea of the design is to show that when you use sweetener instead of sugar you don't lose anything. PrebioSweet isn't any type of medicine. It's another type of sweet so you can still live a colorful life without sugar.”

“The package design is scalable and can be used on different form types. Doypack form of PrebioSweet is the first one that already has reached shops. And more to come in near future.”

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Sugar usually helps to add flavor to foods and make them even more irresistible, so PrebioSweet needed to look even more appetizing than sugar. Wunderbar gave them the product delightful and energetic patterns in the background that are unique to each flavor. The text is in a modern, sans serif font, indicating that this is the future of sweeteners. PrebioSweet comes in jars or in resealable packages which gives consumers options, and the branding flows seamlessly onto each item.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by: Wunderbar

Client: Felizata

Country: Russia

City: Moscow