Wille Bier

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/08/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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The craft beer market is booming pretty much anywhere you go, but especially in Brazil. Wille Bier was founded in 2014 in Brazil by two beer lovers hoping to create a handmade product of the highest quality. Using only imported raw and select materials, they create their brews according to the German Purity Law. The care and quality that goes into the beer is perfect for those who enjoy the best in life and want to share moments with friends and family over a drink.

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“Beer production in small quantities exalts the uniqueness and care in its production, and was taken into consideration for the brand and label solution, in order to transmit these values. The visual design retains the traditional features present in that business, but brings language to the current scenario, allowing the product to talk to different types of consumers. To adapt the package to company needs, a single label was developed with place for the inclusion of ingredients of each variation of beer. To facilitate the differentiation of bottled beer type labels have been developed with different colors for the bottle caps—based on the tone of each type of beer.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Jefferson Reuter Quint and Ricardo Heiderscheidt developed the packaging, giving Wille Beer a traditional look with a bit of flair. On the front we see a label that is somewhat reminiscent of classic beer options, but the shining gold and careful calligraphy emphasize the brewers’ attention to detail. On the back, slightly slanted text gives the beer a bit of personality and a modern edge. Bottle caps come in coordinating colors based on the beer variety, making the line of brews uniform.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Jefferson Reuter Quint, Ricardo Heiderscheidt

Country: Brazil

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