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See how an ordinary piano was transformed into "the labelmaker", connecting colors and music to launch a new bottled wine brand "vismino". Georgians pride themselves with centuries old traditions of winemaking. Archeologists date roots of cultivated grapevine back from 8,000 years ago. So we like to believe that this is where wine production first began - Wine culture being almost inseparable from country’s national identity. 

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But when it comes to bottled wines, mmm, there is not much to show off. Most of the mainstream brands appeal to the tradition, but cannot compete with homemade and draft wines. That’s why, when GWS – leading wine producing company decided to launch new wine brand of 14 different varieties, we were faced with a challenge of establishing the tradition of consuming modern bottled wine. So, we decided to create a modern urban legend. 

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Loudspeakers, Colors and Sounds of Music. Every wine variety has its own character – we started our thinking from this simple notion and went through studying scientific theories of Newton, Goethe, and finally, Scriabin to launch "vismino" with a unique experiment. We wanted to connect wine tasting with music, but also made sure that music would be involved in the creation of new wine on every stage. We placed a set of loudspeakers playing classical music in the vineyards to influence cultivation of grapes.  

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The name “vismino” is translated to “have to listen” from Georgian, perfectly transmitting the essence of the brand, and inviting all ‘listeners’ to enjoy the experience. 

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We placed the artwork on the label to serve as the main visual identity of the brand. "vismino" graphic mark is used as the brand logo, while each label also features additional graphic elements in shape of unique sound waves, and QR codes, matching their respective music piece. 

Account Managers: Tamar Tsintsadze. 

Strategy: Lado Malazonia, Vaska Chubinidze, 

Creative Directors: Vato Kavtaradze & Bibi Asatiani. 

Copywriters: Nino Gordeladze & Beqa Meparishvili. 

Art Directions: Zakharia, Matasi Sulakauri & Nika Machaidze. 

Graphic Designers: Zakharia & Ruslan Beridze.

Designed by Windfor's Communication

Client: GWS

Country: Georgia

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