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by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/06/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Sleek packaging alert! Wearebeard designed the packaging for the Goodlife, a line of hair and grooming products launched by the homonym barbershop based in Worcester (England).Established in 2014, owner and head barber Kieran Groves decided that after a successful first year, he wanted to put together a range of hair and grooming products that he could sell to clients in the shop and online, whilst also helping push the brand out to a wider audience. 

Editorial photograph

“The Goodlife product range is based around the slogan ‘Hair Engineering’. We designed each product with a rough & ready look. As the design is based predominantly around the Goodlife brand, the colour scheme varies between items to give some variation.” says the team at Wearebeard. Following the success of the first line, they got asked to come up with the design for the new ‘Goodlife Gold Label’ branding and packaging for the incoming cologne. A more luxurious and clean cut feel than the standard range - the Gold Label still retains the original aesthetic of the Goodlife brand.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designer: Ben Shortall

Photography: Adam Hoskins

Designed by wearebeard

Client: Goodlife Barbershop

Country: United Kingdom


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