Virgin Spirits

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/04/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Dubh Glas Distillery’s latest white whiskey is double distilled in a copper pot still with only the finest British Columbian barley. The fine spirit, designed by Hired Guns Creative, is a reflection of the premium quality single malt that is produced and aged in oak barrels at the distillery’s location in Okanagan Valley.

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“The design for Virgin Spirits, Dubh Glas Distillery’s new white whiskey, is an homage to early American banknotes and roll-fed printing techniques, with fine linework in repeating patterns creating subtle moiré textures. Swirling flourishes and classic hand-lettering lend the label a timeless air, with a repeating vermillion seal and an elegant cap strap to tie it all together.”

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The linework, font, and even color choices are reminiscent of old government documents and money. A faded label and extravagant script emphasize the history of the distillery as well as their respect for tradition and their process. The clear liquor bottle is sealed with a sticker that states the batch number, making each bottle unique and special to the buyer.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Hired Guns Creative

Country: Canada


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