Featured image for Always in Good Taste: House Beer's Simply Beautiful Brand

Always in Good Taste: House Beer's Simply Beautiful Brand

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 07/04/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Let’s keep things with our beer simple. No light version, no seasonal brews—just original premium lager expertly brewed from some of the finest ingredients available. House Beer does just that with its single, high-quality offering that goes down easy.

House Brewing, Inc. calls itself a premium beer for an understated lifestyle. This straightforward approach directly translates onto their cans and bottles with their basic look. Against the white can, bold red and navy blue give it a bit of an all-American vibe, while gold indicates the quality of ingredients. The brand name is instantly recognizable and because the beer has no variations or other types, consumers feel instantly sure of their decision when they see the words “House Beer.” By making things as uncomplicated as possible, the design instills confidence in buyers.

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"House Beer was created with the desire to bring something new to the craft beer market. A clean, no-nonsense approach to beer. Nothing more. We led all creative efforts in establishing a new brand that lives up to their mission. 

The House Beer identity is an extension of the brand itself. An iconic form that plays to the ethos of the brand. Simplicity at all costs. Rooted in the classics, the logo takes on a modern interpretation giving the brand an approachable but progressive feel. Balanced, just like the beer itself."

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"The brand’s story is intentionally straightforward and easy to understand. So when we set out to create their first ad campaign, we put the story front and center. Premium quality with no nonsense, the House Beer campaign brings people into the simplicity behind the promise with a focus on quality. 

Like every other touch point, the website was designed to illustrate the House Beer mission and be an extension of their product story. From the navigation to the shop, our goal was to create a clean and no nonsense experience while capturing the people and lifestyle behind the product."

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Designed By: Colony

Client: House Brewing, Inc.

Country: United States

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