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Califia Nitro Cold Brew

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/30/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Meet the next great adventure in coffee: a creamy yet dairy-free cold brew latte. Combining almond and macadamia milks with a cold brew made from a blend of direct-sourced beans, Farm Design has a tasty way to enjoy some morning joe.

“The Califia Nitro Cold Brew line-up is completely vegan, dairy-free, GMO-free, soy-free and carrageenan-free and includes: Califia Nitro Cold Brew Latte, a perfectly balanced blend of Califia’s award-winning creamy Almondmilk, direct-sourced cold brew coffee and nitrogen-infused micro-foam; Califia Nitro Cold Brew Mocha, with an extra rich blast of cocoa, and Califia Nitro Cold Brew New Orleans, which is jazzed with uniquely smooth NOLA-influenced notes of chicory.”

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“Cold brew coffee has experienced dramatic growth (115%) in the past year with 24% of consumers reporting they are drinking it, according to Mintel.(1) Califia Farms, which is already a leader in RTD coffee drinks (and outpacing Starbucks in specialty retailers(2)) aims to lead innovation in the fourth wave coffee craze. The company, which is known for disrupting retail refrigerator shelves with its iconic, curvy Almondmilk carafe, showcases the new Califia Farms Nitro Cold Brews in a similarly disruptive eye-catching RTD aluminum bottle that is unique to the category.”

Nitrogen-infused drinks are certainly a new and exciting trend, and the sleek, on-the-go bottle aluminum bottles have a bit of a futuristic feel to harness that. The drink comes in three flavors—Latte, Mocha, and New Orleans—and each has a coordinating color that stands out against the eggshell white bottle. The Califia logo rests at the top of the bottle, allowing consumers to easily associate it with the other products they offer. At the bottom the periodic table symbol for Nitrogen appears further emphasizing the unique way the beverage is made, while the bottle shape and cap feel familiar.

“Whether purchased to drink on-the-go or poured into a glass for a gleaming head of foam, we are excited to be making this kind of frothy artisan brew conveniently available to consumers at retailers nationwide, while also serving the growing ranks of customers (particularly millennials) seeking premium, clean energy swaps for high-sugar carbonated and coffee drinks,” says Greg Steltenpohl, CEO of Califia Farms

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Designed by Farm Design

Client: Califia Farms

Country: United States

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