Helmsman Rum

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/21/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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A story from the sea, full of the colors and flavours of the Caribbean. Megan Stephens created the brand identity for Helmsman, a spiced rum produced in New Zealand. The storytelling behind the branding is powerful and evocative. In their own words"Since the beginning of seafaring, the Helmsman has guided ships through Neptune's open seas with dexterity and dedication. It is with this inspiration that we have taken the essence of the Helmsman and encapsulated it into our spiced rum, crafting its flavours from spices that then have been blended with the finest Caribbean rums to produce a well-rounded drop." 

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Graphically, the anchor and the watermarks were used as identifiers to a life on the seas. The label was created using all elements of the brand and after going through rounds of research, a black ribbon was chosen to be the main shape, with gold foiling to reinforce the premium status of the rum. Add this to the careful consideration of the rounded glass bottle and the wooden cork in the top and you've got a very impactful and strong packaging and brand identity.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Megan Stephens

Client: Michael Brown, Andrew Antunovich

Country: New Zealand

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