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by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/20/2016 | 4 Minute Read

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Established in California with the mission to generate balance and wellness in men’s skin, Port Products offers a professional line of products formulated with careful attention to detail and a special focus towards fighting the effects of weather and stress. Port Products develops its products with a special mindset that considers that life is better when we find balance between nature and technology, therefore, their products are created through the union of both elements. 

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Port Products’ identity system is established on these five premises: Users, functionality, technology, nature and aesthetic value.

Since it’s directed at men, Port Products exhibits a masculine and professional essence that seeks to express and heighten a certain lifestyle. We endeavoured to create an identity that generates curiosity on the onlooker, as well as confidence and a feeling of belonging for the user. 

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One of the biggest concerns when acquiring personal-care products is whether the user can trust the product will work for his specific needs. We designed an informative system that allows us to identify the nature of the products in three simple steps: key description, composition, benefits. 

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The information system is strategically placed in the upper front of each product, providing exposure and easy recognition in shelves and sales displays. 

The fonts used, as well as the numerical identification system, complement the nautical personality established with the brand’s name and logotype. This, together with the packagings’ clean layouts, reinforces the pure, practical and scientific character that permeates the brand. The illustrations represent each product’s active substance and generate the balance between technology and nature present in the brand’s philosophy. 

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Designed by SAVVY Studio

Country: Mexico