by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/16/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Olive oil is more than just a way to get some veggies fried up or a healthy dip for some freshly baked bread. Truly well-made olive oil is a treat in itself, full of flavor and incredibly precious. Italian agency nju:comunicazione developed some strikingly gorgeous packaging for Auro, an olive oil for Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“The extravirgin olive oil Auro, comes from the desire and the passion of Jacqueline and Aurelio De Laurentiis, President of Filmauro, one of the most important film production houses in italy, and also President of Napoli Soccer.”

“De Laurentis asked Antonino Mennella, another great extra virgin oil producer, to take care and follow the production of the oil, and also asked us to design the label and ‘dress’ the bottle of his new product. The name ‘Auro’ becomes the graphic composition and plays with the length of the bottle. Full, elegant and bright. The gold foil celebrate the quality of the oil and conveys preciousness.”

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The long, stretched text for Auro makes it appear tall, and written in gold it gives it an elegant appearance. Skinny bottles add to the height, also making it easy to leave out on the counter for cooking and food prep. Aiming for height rather than width, the bottles also seem to nod towards the idea quality over quantity—a small amount of Auro will go a long way with its rich flavor.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: nju:comunicazione

Country: Italy

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