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Just Bee

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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B&B Studio has created the new brand identity and packaging for Just Bee, a natural spring water enriched with a single drop of honey. In a competitive category, the brand wanted to create an iconic look with personality that would communicate the benefits of the product and secure interest from health conscious consumers and retailers alike. The new geometric bee icon is the hero of the design, with bright, clean colors used in the body to indicate one of the three different flavour variants and the wings a uniform ‘water’ blue to emphasise the inherent refreshment of water in the product. A single golden drop between the words ‘honey water’ illustrates that a single drop of honey is used. 

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Growing categoryA recent entrant into the growing flavoured and functional water market, Just Bee’s original packaging didn’t have the brand personality to stand out on shelf. As the power of honey is at the heart of the Just Bee proposition, B&B embraced the bee to bring the product story to life. Natural qualitiesClient Partner Kerry Bolt says: “The Just Bee offering is very strong; it’s refreshing, low sugar and has the antioxidant properties of honey. It’s a unique proposition in a highly competitive market, so we needed to communicate all of those benefits with a striking, bold iconic design.” 

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Contemporary lookCreative Partner Shaun Bowen adds: “The bee quickly became our hero, which has a lot of folklore associated with it. But we also had to ensure that the bee image was not reminiscent of bee designs found on honey jars. Our final bee icon is modern and crisp, but there’s a touch of warmth and friendliness to it, which the element of hand written style type for the flavor description also adds.” 

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Each Just Bee drink is fewer than 50 calories (and fewer than 4g of sugar per 100ml), using only the natural sweetness of honey rather than refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. The range is the perfect solution for the growing number of people seeking a more exciting alternative to water whilst avoiding sugar-laden fizzy drinks. Just Bee comes in three flavor variants – Blueberry, Lemon and Green Tea and Apple and Ginger and retails at £1.59. It has listings in independent stores, plus Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason and As Nature Intended. 

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Designed by B&B Studio

Country: United Kingdom


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