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Lamb's: A Family of Fine Smooth and Refined Rums

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/14/2016 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

If you're looking for a good time, make sure there's a bottle Lamb's at the next party you go to. Designed by Davis, exquisite dark, amber and white rum are displayed in hexagon-shaped glass bottles. The redesign sticks to the brands traditional roots but modernizes it with a clean label design and nautical illustrations. Hints of gold found on the signature, bottle's neck and logo add a luxurious element to the rum. 

At the very edge of the country, on an island at the doorstep of the North

Atlantic, where the weather can change at a moment’s notice is where this humble Lamb’s Nation is rooted. Introducing a fully revitalized Lamb’s Rum… 

Editorial photograph

Davis' branding challenge was to evolve an old forgotten value brand into a new contemporized, uniquely differentiated brand with an edge. Lamb’s Rum is traditionally for discerning men. New Lamb’s also connects with the social in-crowd. Indeed, in Lamb’s Nation we live for large times. 

An iconic shape was created with a new hex dieline label inspired by mimicking the shape of the bottle. The hexagon shape of the bottle ensured Alfred Lamb’s smooth and refined rum would not roll around on ships. Many of the tertiary elements were removed such as coins and copy to focus on exactly what consumers care about: the rum itself, “LAMB’S the name for rum”, and the founder Alfred Lamb.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Account Director: Brian Tangney

Creative Director: Mark Roberts

Design Director: Erick Nielsen

Designed by Davis

Client: Corby Distilleries

Country: Canada

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