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The Nude Popcorn Company

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/09/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Meet the newest player in the UK snack market. The Nude Popcorn Company has just made its debut on shelves as a healthy alternative to other greasy snacks and popcorn brands out there. Fluid Ideas teamed up with Tyrrells to develop branding and marketing material for this new and delicious option.

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“With a promise of 'nothing to hide', this new popcorn combines great flavour with low-calorie and gluten-free credentials - conveyed through a bold, spirited brand, tailored to body-conscious young females. Armed with a bespoke handmade typeface, vibrant colour palette and playful messaging strategy, The Nude Popcorn Company benefits from a striking identity that stands out on supermarket shelves and online.”

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People like to indulge in tasty foods but they also want to treat their bodies well, and The Nude Popcorn Company is a happy compromise. The packaging is fun and lively, making it easy to spot in the grocery aisle. With 30% less fat, the bags needed to communicate that taste was not compromised, so images of the popcorn appear on the sides. Bright colors make it an energetic, feel-good brand, and the large font is easy to read so consumers can choose their favorite flavor.

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Designed by: Fluid Ideas

Country: United Kingdom

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