Abelha Organic Cachaça

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/09/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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The most delicious cachaça requires hard work and dedication. For Abelha Organic Cachaça,  Design Happy took the idea of busy worker bees to create some incredibly memorable packaging. Housed in a beehive, the beverage is tucked away from the hard-at-work bees we see buzzing around on the outside. Detailed images of flying bees give the packaging a sense of movement, and the splashes of turquoise give it a light and refreshing appearance.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“We were asked to create a standout gift box for the wildly successful Abelha Organic Cachaca, the essential spirit for the perfect Caipirinha. Abelha organic Cachaça is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice and hails from Rio de Contas, a beautiful old mining town which sits amongst the hills and valleys of the southern Chapada Diamantina. It is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil.”

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“Such a lively, bright and unique brand deserved an imaginative, playful and witty gift box. So we took the brand’s key visual of the bees and worked closely with a box manufacturer to create a bespoke beehive structure for the drink to stand in. We then created ‘A very little book of cocktails’ to help people enjoy this spirit to the full.”

Editorial photograph

Designed by: Design Happy

Client: Abelha

Country: United Kingdom

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