Barbera Marrone Sofia

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/30/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Sophisticated but not stuffy, Barbera Marrone Sofia is a wine that’s now instantly recognizable on the shelf. Designhorse developed a new label design that would express the high quality of the wine while still possessing a contemporary appeal.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

“Due to poor sales listings, Designhorse was assigned to redesign the Italian wine Barbera Marrone Sofia. To make it more attractive to Norwegian customers, we choose to increase the size of both the label and the typography to make it more visible in the shelf. The elegant and modern, yet bold result focus on typical Scandinavian values like rationality and simplicity. High quality, no noise. The redesign resulted in 39% increase in sale.”

Editorial photograph

While the older label for Barbera Marrone Sofia looks traditional and a little dated, the new design uses large, bold typography that is incredibly modern. Without any graphics, the black serif text against the white background is simple and charming. A matte black foil wrapper adds to the elegance of the wine, and the same small label wraps around the neck of the wine bottle making it easy to associate with other wines from the winery.

Editorial photograph

Designed by Designhorse

Client: Arctic Beverage Group

Country: Norway

City: Oslo

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