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Before & After: Cheque Gum

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/26/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Never run out of gum options with Cheque Gum! These delightful packs that come in a variety of flavors got a much-needed redesign from Design Happy.

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“With plans to introduce new flavours, Cheque Gum seized the opportunity to overhaul their image. Focusing on the MENA market, Cheque wanted to be the gum of choice for a younger, hipper audience and create shelf impact in a very busy and colourful category. We refreshed the brand from top to bottom with a more youthful and iconic approach. The logo was angled and bursts out of the confines of the box making use of the format and massively increasing shelf standout in a busy market. Bold colourways add energy and zest into the overall designs really pop as a range.”

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The old design for Cheque Gum feels retro to the point that it’s outdated. Colors feel stale and it’s hard for the consumer to truly get a sense of the brand. The new look, though, is energetic and modern, instantly grabbing someone’s attention in a grocery store aisle or at a quickie mart. Every package has the same layout, and colors change based on the flavor. Colors are bold and bright, expressing a youthfulness and excitement that the old packaging lacked.

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Designed by: Design Happy

Client: Cheque Gum

Country: United Kingdom