Purearth Cleanse

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/25/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Purearth Cleanse will allow you to drink outside the box. This juice and detox brand from London needed a clear strategy for their online juice packages, so they turned to Afterhours for branding and packaging.

“As a key part of the brand’s offer, the cleanse programmes are built around the individual subscriber, creating a bespoke collection of juices, tonics, mylks and shots according to the individual’s requirements. The programme guides the client through their detox by indicating which drink is to be consumed at which time throughout the course.”

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“Our job was to create a set of custom tags which brought to life each drink’s role and moment in the client’s repertoire. The tag and its loving messages to its recipient forms the central branding concept, but focuses in this instance specifically on the time of day for each drink.”

“The new identity elevates the bottle tags from a functional packaging feature to a brand asset. The tag becomes the vehicle to deliver the core creative hook—that the drinks are a special ‘gift from the earth’ making each moment feel better.”

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People drink Purearth Cleanse juices because they’re pure and healthy, and Afterhours created a look that feels personal and fun. Drawings on the outside of the boxes almost make it seem like a special bouquet of flowers, and the kraft paper feels simple and earthy. Each juice has a playful name, indicating what time of day it’s best to drink it. Bottles are clear, promoting a transparency of what ingredients they use and emphasizing their focus on healthy, pure products.

“Executionally the Kraft board tags are the key branding device, tied to 100% recyclable glass bottles, extra adornment comes from the colour coded, branded lid stickers and clear stickers with consistent brand mark on the bottle fronts. As an additional touch point for the brand, the cleanse packages are delivered in recycled kraft board outer boxes.”

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“These have also been designed to offer a sense of theatre and anticipation on arrival. The execution style has evolved in this context into a more figurative and illustrative visual style informed by the core tone of voice. The executions around the box sides are designed to playfully reference the brand’s philosophy through the application and context –this box is delivered to your door and contains an exciting and transformative collection of potent juices within. As a final touch the bottles are accompanied by a branded insert / leaflet which introduces the brand and its story and talks the recipient through their cleanse.”

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Designed by: Afterhours

Client: Purearth Cleanse Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

City: London


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