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by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/24/2016 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Take a dive into the depths of the deep blue with this packaging designed for fresh, smoked, and preserved fish. Designed by Jekyll and Hyde, a minimalist approach was taken in redesigning the brand "Ocean" to target a younger demographic that wouldn't normally partake in such cuisine. To best represent the brand's mission to provide it's customers with the freshest fish, the product is packaged in clear containers with a photorealistic illustration of swimming fish. 

Editorial photograph

"In order to demonstrate the freshness of the product we decided to show that the consumer buys almost live fish. That is why the photorealistic illustrations of swimming fish appeared on the packaging. As we are observing them sitting on the quay or on the deck of the boat. Not from the side as in the aquarium, but from above as the fishermen see them. The logotype should be described separately. If we say the word “ocean”, our imagination immediately draws us the giant, boundless element. Endless, unpredictable, majestic. That’s why we decided, that the logotype will take the most part of the packaging and of all the composition. Besides, it is a part of spatial perspective and givesto the illusion the bigger “reality”."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Idea: Mikhail Rakov

Art-directors: Aleksei Pushkarev, Gleb Sergeev, Egor Preobrazhensky

Designers: Aleksei Pushkarev, Gleb Sergeev, Nilolai Nedashkovsky

Illustrator: Vitaliy Kolomeets

3D visualization: Alexandr Boiko

Managers: Elisaveta Chkhaidze, Elena Palamarchuk

Creative Director: Mikhail Rakov

Designed by Jekyll and Hyde

Country: Russia