by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/25/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Beer versus cider—why can’t we all just get along? Now we can, with this dry hopped cider produced by the Opre’ brothers. Hoppy is a cider infused with hops, giving it a unique flavor. EETER was tasked with developing the label for this innovative beverage.

“As the name ‘dry hopped cider’ didn't say much to us, we looked for more relatable ways to tell the story of this product. We found inspiration from a 90s Czechoslovakian cartoon and the archetypes of the glorious soviet space expedition dogs. Our characters Hop and Py are the cute explorers of the new frontiers in cider making.”

Editorial photograph

Looking at Hoppy, we see the distinct golden color of cider and the rich green hue of hops. The idea of entering a new frontier sparks the imagination, and the playful and creative label brings in humor and a distinct branding. Bottles open with a twist-off cap, making them notably different from ciders or beer that require an opener.

Editorial photograph

Designed by: EETER

Country: Estonia

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