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Farm Hand Beer Co.

by Theresa Christine Johnson on 05/25/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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Beer. Package design. Illustration. Hiking. And more beer. Bryan Padovano combined some of his interests to create his first home brew under the name of Farm Hand Beer Co. The first, called Side Trail Red Ale, is the perfect foray into the world of craft beer.

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Brewed in Portland, Oregon, it’s only natural that the label involves the great outdoors; after all, the Pacific Northwest has some stunning hiking to be found. The front of the label features a large boulder with a hiker standing, taking in scenery that we cannot see. Inside of this rock is the brand name and beer information, written in a custom font with various font sizes. Farm Hand Beer Co.’s seal appears on the front, allowing future brews to have their own unique style while still remaining consistent under the brewery. Traditional amber bottles emphasize a love for beer-making and the history of beer, and the origin of the company is written on the side of the bottle to make consumers feel a closer connection to Farm Hand Beer Co.

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Designed by: Bryan Padovano

Country: United States

City: Portland, OR